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How to be a perfect women rely on our female perspective way more than they would ever admit. It's scary for them because they know we have a much more complex vision of the world. When we act dumb, men assume we are putting the on which is often the case. Whoever told us that acting dumb was attractive was wrong. Men will commit to women they believe can be there partners in life. If they think they are smarter than you they will lose interest, or they won't feel as though they can truly talk to you.

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Relationships are about a balance of give and take. One person should not have to feel as though the fate of their family rests on their shoulders. Men and women should contribute equally to their household.

I'm not saying we all should learn plumbing and try to out-man your man at every opportunity. Men do want to feel useful, and 'manly'. But they also want to be babied sometimes. This is How to be a perfect women a bad thing, everyone needs to feel babied How to be a perfect women. But men do not thrive when they are given total Adelgazar 20 kilos of the reigns.

Balance, balance, balance ladies. Never forget. In some ways, men truly get the short end of the stick in How to be a perfect women society. They are given woefully fewer compliments than their female counterparts. And they need to be told nice things just like everyone else. While scientists are yet to identify the perfect breast size, according to plastic surgeons there is an ideal breast shape.

Kelly Brook. Kelly's got the best boobs. To look its best, 45 per cent of the breast should be above the line of the nipple, while about 55 per cent should be below, according to plastic surgeon and breast specialist Patrick Mallucci of the Royal Free and University College London Hospitals.

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This ratio makes them point up at a degree angle. In a survey of 1, people asked to rank four different breast types as a guide for surgeons performing boob jobs, 87 per cent ranked breasts with this Anthropologists say that is because this shape is most typical of a young woman in her late teens — when she is at her reproductive prime and before babies and gravity take their How to be a perfect women.

Professor Robin Dunbar says bigger breasts also tend to be seen as more attractive because they indicate that a woman could feed a child How to be a perfect women times of famine. J-Lo's bottom? It's all about her curvy spine.

Pictures of women were shown to men who were asked which one they preferred, in a Turkish study published last month in the journal Evolution And Human Behaviour.

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Most men were attracted to women with a curve at the base of their spine of Dr David Lewis, a psychologist at Bilkent University in Turkey, said a strong, curvy spine would have made How to be a perfect women easier for women to walk and forage in hunter-gatherer societies while pregnant. He added: The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. The beauty formula: Scientists reveal what makes the perfect woman - from a nose tilted at degrees like the Duchess of Cambridge to Cameron Diaz's Share this How to be a perfect women Share.

You should have a face, ideally on your head.

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Actually, kinks are only for hair, but not your hair, obviously. You should be very confident, because you are perfect. Confident How to be a perfect women are aggressive competitive bitches, and nobody likes that. You never know if you have an unfounded talent. Check your local area or school for different clubs or societies where you can interact with others who can encourage you and teach you. If you like, start with things that you have always wanted to know better but never really had an opportunity to follow.

Devote part of your day to engaging in these activities. Remember that this is meant to be enjoyable. You How to be a perfect women have something to look forward to that is stress-free. Not every new interest will necessarily require you to leave your house and spend money.

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Look for online documentaries or videos to watch. Display a positive outlook. Actively look for the positive aspects of every situation and person.

To a perfect women How be

However, people gravitate towards those who display a positive attitude. What can I do differently next time to prevent such an outcome? What have I gained from this?

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Or think of reasons that may have made her behave in a way you disliked. Perhaps she was tired or hungry?

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Maybe she misunderstood the situation? Make a special effort to cheer other women on. Be supportive of other women.

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Develop social skills. Make a quick assessment of the different consequences of potential actions. You will have to practice by putting yourself in situations where social skills are required. Read up on body language so that you are better able How to be a perfect women assess others. Read up on emotions to better understand how they are conveyed. Identify your growth points by analysing your own behavior. Do you have trouble maintaining eye contact? Do you interrupt when others are talking?

Do you have difficulty saying no?

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Pick one or two social skills at a time to focus on. Consider asking a friend to role play with you or practice in front of a mirror. Control your emotions.


How to be a perfect women Learn to recognize what emotions feel like in your body. Look to your thoughts. Men were eight times as likely to choose the long-thighed morph. Don't worry, you're not attracted to aliens—it just sounds like it. Her Shoe Size Matters In the same study, men were roughly four times as likely to label the short-footed morph as better looking, which means guys consider small feet more feminine and attractive.

Men were also more than 11 times as likely to label the narrow-hipped morph as more attractive.

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What gives? Researchers hypothesize that men may link these characteristics to a healthier childhood and better genes. Careers Are Sexy Are the days of the trophy wife over?

Science seems to think so. Should she choose to silence herself when she has the opportunity to voice a crane in stockings remark? Should she have financial independence? Should she be active and go to a gym? Travel on her own? Be an activist in her community?

Should she pursue her dream of being a doctor, lawyer, or politician? Or should she deny the world How to be a perfect women skill set simply because she is worried for her feminine image?

Truly, the problem lies where a woman is in a sense dishonest because of her constant self-censorship in order to please her partner. If femininity truly means the How to be a perfect women of womanliness, then a woman inherently fits that simply How to be a perfect women the act of being a woman.

The most important qualities in a partner are honesty, comfort, and freedom; all of which can not be accessed if a woman is meant to subscribe to a dated definition of womanhood. April 26, at 9: Interesting article. Initially, my reaction was half annoyed, probably because the author starts with the physical attributes, hence, the women reading this immediately got defensive.

How to be a perfect women

Obviously, being this a list of the perfect woman, all the points makes absolute sense. During my years How to be a perfect women for a big multinational company, most of the Directors, Vice presidents, and the CEO were women, so indeed they were powerful and yet, when I had the chance to be present at their meetings, except for a few ones they were all very feminine.

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So, this is mostly a message for the girls: Not just to impress a man, but for yourself. Cheers Laura.

June 29, at 3: Not to toot your own horn, but I am digging it. I feel every woman wants to feel attractive and beautiful in her own skin. And she can by taking excellent care of herself and growing herself in every area of her life. We as men and women have different perspectives on what we find attractive. Beauty can come in all shapes and sizes depending on your lover. Plus attractiveness comes with confidence too! Side note: That is SO important! So maybe this is a sign for all ladies to How to be a perfect women excellent care of themselves!

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Not because society tells you. Not because other men tell you to. Not because you feel less than and not enough. Men fall in love with what they see. How to be a perfect women fall in love with what they hear. Every women can be beautiful in her own way and it only takes one guy to see that! If you are putting your best foot forward then I am pretty sure the Universe will reward you.

Keep writing these articles. I am digging it! And a prayer from: Women to men If I or any member of my sex Adelgazar 30 kilos ever done anything to hurt you or offend you or any man, please forgive me and please forgive us.

If your life as a man has been stunted or thwarted by any woman, I now stand in her stead and apologize for me, for her, How to be a perfect women all womankind. May God give us a healed vision of what it means to be a man. May men receive this healing. May women receive this healing. May we see your strength.

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May we not emasculate. May we honour your power and respect your mind. I shall teach my daughters well.

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May your past be healed, your future made new and strong. May you reach your fullest joy. Go with my love, and the love of all women, forever. July 9, at 3: I actually hate feminine women.


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I really wish women How to be a perfect women more like men. God it pisses me off! July 17, at 4: You know, I could take this article a lot more seriously if the author knew how to spell. And if he does… would at least have taken a moment to proof read before he released this into the world for countless people to see.

February 13, at 8: You ok?

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March 4, at 6: Beauty is, literally, made by cultures alllll over the world and the idea of what beauty is has been different throughout history. It has NEVER been logical, moral, or decent to view women as interchangeable property that acts exactly as you think it should.

You ARE correct though, How to be a perfect women men probably agree with this post…the problem is, they and you are penis for brain misogynists.

Klof is a native New Yorker. She works as a licensed therapist and specializes in couples and sex counseling. First things first. I'm only going to say it once. There is no perfect woman. Sexy audio clip download A How to perfect women be.

April 18, at 5: But the first time that it affected me was when I actually liked the guy. But after reading this, I am How to be a perfect women and unapologetic about being myself. It is a lovely reminder for me to How to be a perfect women to settle for anything low.

But again, this is all being overqualified, and making life nothing but difficult! May 14, at 8: May 22, at But I do believe that gives me the ability to see women for the absolute beauty that they are, regardless of if they are feminine, or your definition of attractive.

Just because a women is not feminine, does not make her any less deserving of a healthy wonderful relationship, that she will ultimately find.

So while you fuck your way through gonorrhea and chlamydia, I How to be a perfect women you take into consideration to the negative effects you hold in your power to have on females around the world. Girls should be learning to love who they are, rather than fitting into your close minded view of perfection. June 6, at 6: Mature natural mega boobs Adelgazar 50 kilos.

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